Saturday, February 4, 2012

And let the planting begin....

It's February in the DFW area and we've seen more days above 65F then below it seems like.  And, with that kind of weather all I want to do is start planting.  The good news?  I can start planting, at least some seeds....

On another point, we've put the house up for sale.  We're finally making the jump toward actually acreage (anyone want to buy a house and help us out?), so I'm trying to be conservative about what and how much I plant.  If we don't move anytime soon, then we'll still have a garden to pull from this spring, but... if we do I don't want to have put all my funds into a garden I can use anymore. 

So, what did we plant on Friday?

What's cool?  I'm trying out one of these growing bags for the potatoes.  Not sure how it will turn out, but we'll have fun waiting to see.

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